June 20, 2018



I thought we could get away from the "meet the maker" phase and move on to some ART TALK!


Below are a few of my favorite tips + tricks to get out of a creative block :)


1: Browse the internet

I know, it sounds like a basic starting point, but to be perfectly honest, Google Images has gotten me out of so many creative blocks that I've lost count! It's a quick way to peruse through a multitude of images to get your creative juices flowing (or at least moving at the speed of molasses). Just type in a few key words and BOOM! creative inspiration at your fingertips.

2: Scroll through Instagram

This is another basic starting point I use for more specific searches. Typing in your favorite artist's name or hashtag will pull up images that are strictly tagged with what you're looking for. You would be amazed at what some people hashtag in their posts... inspiration is only a few keystrokes away.

3: Free Write

Sometimes it's best to step away from an art project during a creative block. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to push through it and then ending up with a project you hate.


Turning to another creative outlet is helpful because it still calls upon the same parts of the brain, but tricks it into thinking differently because it's switched projects. Often, I will scribble my train-of-thought (no edits, just words) onto a sheet of paper to get all of the excess crap out of my brain in order to make room for more creativity. Sounds weird - but it works! Try it!


*You can also free write by typing your train-of-thought in a word doc. Typing allows the words to leave your brain at a faster pace (more along the lines of how your brain actually thinks).

4: Basic Drawings

Let's get back to basics:


Line drawings.

Shading techniques.



Still life.

Simple logos.

Stick figures.


Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of a project that it's good to just get down and dirty with drawing 101 instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty!

5: Read a Book!

When all else fails, step away completely and get lost in a good book, or video game, or alcohol. Whatever your poison.


It's okay to take a break. To start again tomorrow. You are your own worst critic, so cut yourself some slack and realize that you can always come back to something if you're not ready to tackle it quite yet.

There you have it! I hope some of my processes are helpful to you too!



Thank you for reading, xo Dani


DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog post is not to be used as any form of advertisement, endorsement or fact. All the information provided is the opinion of the author.



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