Tillandsia (Air Plant): Xerographica


This beautiful, rare, and unique Tillandsia (Air Plant) is absolutely stunning. Native to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras, the Xerographica thrives in a warm, humid climate, but can easily be cared for in your own home! It's signature gray-green, silvery leaves curl outward and down around the roots of the plant, giving it a beautiful rosette shape.


    Plant sales are FINAL unless the following applies:

    All plants are guaranteed to arrive to you alive and fully intact (with some grace for bent leaves, and small imperfections). If your plant arrives in a poor or undesired condition, simply take a photograph of it within 1-2 days of its delivery, e-mail it to me, and we'll work together on a refund or replacement option!


    Air plants are known for their easy and "care-free" maintenance. With this in mind, they do (and will) thrive more with the following methods of TLC. 

    Humidity is friend to all air plants! Though they absorb most of their nutrients from the air, most of our homes do not have the proper air temperature and humidity to allow the plant to flourish by themselves. Therefore, a light misting is recommended every 2-3 days, along with a fully submerging, 15-minute soak or "bath" every other week. **Remember to turn your air plant upside-down after each soak to let all the excess water drain.

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